Opera GALA Spectacular


Kuala Lumpur City Opera, (KLCO) registered in October 2015 is slightly more than a year old but tracing back to our humble beginning under the banner of the Eat, Sing & Travel People, 2017 marks our 5th anniversary. It’s remarkable what passion can bring about when we can harness enough strength and courage to pursue a dream. 

KLCO’s goal is to produce and promote western opera whether fully staged or in concert to audiences in Malaysia. We are very proud to announce that over the last 5 years we had successfully produced and staged 4 full-length opera productions, 9 concerts, 3 master classes and 2 opera festivals. About a year ago on April 17, we celebrated our housewarming at our very own (rented) studio.

KLCO is able to deliver on its commitment only because of the immensely talented people that we have around us. We are thankful for their support and their belief in the company. Over the years, these talents become an integral part of the KLCO family and we continue to welcome new ones. 

Opera Gala Spectacular celebrates 6 extremely talented individuals whom KLCO is proud to be associated with in a presentation of an exciting and entertaining program of bel canto and verismo opera pieces.


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (January 27, 1756 –December 5, 1791)
Ach, ich fühl’s, Die zauberflote -- Yeoh Ker Ker, soprano; Tomonari Tsuchiya, piano                                                    
Tradito, Schernito, Cosi fan tutte -- Tan Chee Shen tenor, Tomonari Tsuchiya piano                                                    

Gioachino Antonio Rossini (February 29, 1792 –November 13,  1868)
Bel raggio lusinghier, Semirade -- Yeoh Ker Ker soprano, Tomonari Tsuchiya piano                                                    

Domenico Gaetano Maria Donizetti (November 29, 1797 – April 8, 1948)
Come e’ bello, Lucrezia Borgia -- Evelyn Toh, soprano; Tomonari Tsuchiya piano                                                                                                    
Angelo casto e bel Il Duca d’Alba, Solomon Chong, tenor; Soon Kun Ming, piano                                        
Quel guardo il cavaliere Don Pasquale -- Sandy Cheng, soprano; Soon Kun Ming, piano                                              
Giuseppe Verdi (October 10, 1813 – January 27, 1901)
Per me giunto, Don Carlo -- John Tan, baritone;  Soon Kun Ming, piano                                                                
Quando le sere al placido, Luisa Miller -- Solomon Chong, tenor; ;  Soon Kun Ming, piano                                                                                               
Parigi o cara, La Traviata -- Yeoh Ker Ker, soprano, Tan Chee Shen, tenor, Tomonari Tsuchiya piano
Bella figlia del amore, Rigoletto -- Sandy Cheng, soprano; Evelyn Toh, soprano; Tan Chee Shen, tenor; John Tan, baritone; Soon Kun Ming, piano


Charles-François Gounod (June 17, 1818 – October 18, 1893)
Je veux vivre, Romeo et Juliette -- Sandy Cheng, soprano; Soon Kun Ming, piano                                               

Georges Bizet (October 25, 1838 – June 3, 1875)
Toreador song, Carmen --John Tan, baritone, Soon Kun Ming, piano        

Giacomo Puccini (December 22, 1858 – November 29, 1924)
Donna non vidi mai, Manon Lescaut -- Solomon Chong, tenor; Soon Kun Ming, piano
In quelle trine morbide, Manon Lescaut  - Evelyn Toh, soprano; Tomonari Tsuchiya piano                                        
Vogliatemi bene, Madama Butterfly -- Solomon Chong & Evelyn Toh, soprano;  Tomonari Tsuchiya piano                                        

Nessun Dorma, Turandot – Tutti, Soon Kun Ming, piano
Brindisi, La Traviata – Tutti (Encore), Tomonari Tsuchiya piano